Congratulations! You and your family have just qualified for a sanitation loan from your local microfinance institution.

You, your husband and mother-in-law will be very pleased as they’ve wanted a toilet for a long time now, but did not have the cash on hand to pay for one.

PSI has worked to simplify the loan and construction process — you need only pick where to put it!

Which feature of your new toilet is most important to you?

Two safe and sanitary toilets in Bihar
By partnering with engineers and product designers, PSI helped to develop a toilet that is lower in cost than what was previously available on the market. Additionally, by training toilet enterprises with better production techniques, PSI was able to further drive down their costs, making the toilets more affordable for you.

Even with a cheaper product, however, PSI recognized the need for households to acquire cash for their toilet purchase. PSI worked closely with your local microfinance institution to help ensure you have access to a sanitation loan when you need it.

Fortunately for you, the toilet is hygienic, well-designed, long-lasting, and private, as well!

A toilet doesn’t do much good if it isn’t safely containing the waste and preventing contamination of its users and the environment. The PSI toilet has a ceramic, pour-flush pan that is hygienic and prevents smell and flies. Furthermore, the tiles on the floor make it easy to clean.

Fortunately for you, the toilet is affordable, well-designed, long-lasting, and private, as well!

Consumers want products they can be proud to own, regardless of whether they’re rich or poor. PSI knows that you want a toilet at your home that is aesthetically pleasing, demonstrates good quality as well as being simply functional. Through innovative toilet design, PSI and its partners were able to bring you a toilet that is one which you can be proud to use, while still protecting your family’s health.

Fortunately for you, the toilet is affordable, hygienic, long-lasting and private, as well!

No one wants to have their pit fill up frequently and make their toilet unusable sometimes. The toilet from PSI has two five-foot pits, which means that when the first one fills up, you have a second immediately available. In the meantime, you’ll be able safely empty the first pit. Each pit lasts five years or more. You can put your mind at ease and know that you have bought a long-lasting solution for your family’s sanitation needs.

Fortunately for you, the toilet is affordable, hygienic, well-designed, and secure, as well!

Particularly for your mother-in-law and daughters, privacy is very important while using your new toilet. That is why PSI has worked hard to make sure that not only are you getting good-quality brick walls with your toilet but a door that locks from the inside, as well. Owning a toilet means that no longer will you or your family have to walk far away from your home, often under the cover of darkness, to go to the bathroom.

Fortunately for you, the toilet is affordable, hygienic, well-designed, and long-lasting, as well!