In 2014, PSI conducted a study to identify insights into potential users and messaging for HIV self-test kits in Kenya.

In the study, Kenyans identified several reasons for wanting to use an HIV self-test kit. Can you guess the most popular reason?

Choose one:

Confidentiality and privacy
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Ease of use
Correct answer: Ease of use!

Ease of use was cited by 61% of study participants as a reason to want to use HIV self-test kits. The oral swab self-test is easy to use.

The second leading reason was confidentiality and privacy, with 50% of respondents citing that community members work at health facilities and the stigma attached to a positive result discourages individuals from getting tested at all.

Other motivators included:

  • Don’t have to visit a health facility – 32%
  • Convenient – 23%
  • Results are known quickly – 16%

These and other insights from the study will inform the design and implementation of HIV self-testing pilot projects throughout several African countries, affecting national policy regarding the product availability, cost/subsidies and quality control.

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Don’t have to visit a health facility
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Results are known quickly
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