Screenshot of Mi Zona H website is part of PASMO’s campaign about masculinity called Hombres de Verdad. Featuring a quiz that reveals to male visitors the “kind of man” they are, the website challenges perceptions of masculinity common in Central America, and informs visitors about sexuality, HIV, and men’s role in preventing HIV.

Screenshot of Y Ahora Qué? website

Y Ahora Qué is a website designed to provide information and support for people in Central America living with HIV and their families and friends. The website has personal stories submitted by visitors, HIV-related news, reference and contact information for services and organizations, and an online forum facilitated by trained outreach workers.

Screenshot of Generación Cero Facebook page

Inspired by the UNAIDS initiative to achieve zero discrimination, zero new infections, and zero deaths related to HIV, PASMO launched Generación Cero to contribute to reaching zero discrimination by mobilizing young people as change agents and promoting non-discrimination at an individual and societal level. The Generación Cero Facebook page is the online home of the program, where conversations are had everyday about respect, acceptance, and equity.