What are the life-saving commodities that are included in Maama Kits distributed to expectant mothers across Uganda?

Basic medical supplies
The Maama Kit consists of basic supplies that are required at child birth (i.e., sterile gloves, plastic sheets, sterile razor blades, cord clamps, tetracycline, cotton, soap, sanitary pads, and visual instructions
The antiseptic chlorhexidine is used as a cleansing agent for the newborn baby’s skin or umbilical cord. Chlorhexidine has been shown to reduce newborn deaths by as much as 23% when applied within the first 24 hours of birth.
PSI is advocating to have Misoprostol included in the clean delivery kit. Misoprostol pills contract the uterus and help prevent excessive bleeding after delivery, called postpartum hemorrhage, which is the single biggest direct cause of maternal deaths – more than 220 women die of it every day.