2014 Health Impact

The Scale of PSI Programming In 2014
Smiling African baby being held by woman in health care facility


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4,334,884 unintended pregnancies prevented. (MDG 5*)

10,530 maternal deaths prevented. (MDG 5)

478,545 deaths due to malaria, diarrhea & pneumonia prevented. (MDG 4 & 7)

260,517 HIV infections prevented. (MDG 6)


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811,165 long-acting, reversible contraceptives inserted (including implants and intrauterine devices), empowering women and couples to plan for the families they desire. (MDG 5)

353,924 voluntary adult medical male circumcisions performed, preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). (MDG 6)

2,137,790 voluntary testing and counseling sessions for HIV and other STIs conducted, reducing transmission rates and increasing access to treatment through referrals. (MDG 6)


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38,841,985 long-lasting insecticide-treated nets, protecting families from malaria. (MDG 4 & 6)

1,143,414,790 male and female condoms, preventing transmission of HIV and other STIs and empowering women and couples to plan for the families they desire. (MDG 5 & 6)

2,846,858 diarrhea treatment kits, saving children’s lives by reducing the severity and duration of diarrheal disease. (MDG 4)

24,218 courses of directly observed therapy, saving lives by treating tuberculosis. (MDG 6)

841,682 pre-packaged antibiotics, saving lives by treating pneumonia. (MDG 4 & 8)

17,845,632 courses of artemisinin–based combination therapy, saving lives by treating malaria. (MDG 4 & 8)

13 billion liters of water treated with water treatment products. (MDG 4, 6 & 7)


*MDG = Millennium Development Goal

In 2014, PSI added an estimated 53.7 million years of healthy life with our products and services.

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